A game of checkers, with a twist.

W and S to lean forward and backwards. Click on a checker and then on the tile you want to move it to to move it. ESC to skip the intro text.

If a move you pick is invalidated by a move black makes before your move goes into effect, you will be allowed to pick an immediate move to make up for it.

If you seem to be unable to move a chip, double check that you a) are taking a jump if one is available and b) are chaining all jumps if that is possible for that chip.

Theme Interpretation:
The "unfair advantage" of this game is in Black's favor, as they can see all of your moves in advance- meaning they can respond to stop you before you even act. This also makes the game require a different mindset to play than normal- every move must be planned a bit further in advance.

Repo: https://github.com/PROMETHIA-27/foretold

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Tagsbevy, checkers, Tabletop


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inscription vibes. love it!